Your Wellbeing, Health and Fitness

A visit to Pacifique Vue is a great opportunity to focus on your wellbeing.

  • Practise yoga on the front lawn overlooking the Coral Sea
  • Work out in the on site gym - weights, skipping, boxing, cross trainer
  • Complete the outdoor fitness circuit - sprints, chin ups, pull ups, step ups, push ups, plyometric cross
  • Run to the Pangona front gate and back - 4.4km round trip
  • Swim in the ocean
  • Spend time in the private salt water pool
  • Go kayaking

Personal training with Sam

Sam offers personal training – price is 1000 Vatu (about $12 AUD at 20 August 2017) for 1 hour. Options include:

  • Running to the gate and back (approximately 4.4km round trip)
  • Kayaking with you – straight out to the point in front of Pacifique Vue or a less arduous trip along the coastline
  • Gym session
  • Boxing session
  • Taking you through the outdoor fitness course

Massage with Joy

Joy offers massages (there is a massage table in the gym) – price is 1000 Vatu (about $12 AUD) for a 45 minute massage.

Please pay cash to Joy and Sam directly for these services after your massage or training session.