The Area

Day Trips

Your stay at Pacifique Vue can be relaxing or busy. You choose!

If you feel like setting out for a day trip we have made some suggestions below.

Don’t forget to pack the esky/chilly bin, freeze blocks and the beach towels (all supplied at Pacifique Vue).

Mele Cascades

This is the closest attraction to Pacifique Vue (only 15-20 minutes’ drive) and is one of the most stunning and beautiful natural attractions on Efate. It deserves a fully day/afternoon to make the most of this trip.

Take the approximately 20 minute walk up a somewhat steep path shaded by rainforest. Walk at your own pace .… the rewards are well worth it!! The walk itself is part of the beauty of this attraction - in the surrounding dense rainforest see pool after pool of clear aquamarine water holes and cascades. Turn around and on the other side of the walk grow local fruits.

Once you reach the bag hold, on the edge of the main cascades, prepare for some easy exploring and swimming. A little rope walk guides you up the cascades themselves (an easy walk so don’t be worried) to the main event, a 35 metre waterfall emerging from the rainforest above. It is a beautiful scene and Mele Cascades really are a must do for Vanuatu. Make sure you take a camera the whole way and wear your bathers!

Food and drinks are available at the entrance. Open 9am to 4.30pm. Cost is 2000 vatu.

The Blue Lagoon

This is the stuff brochures are made from! The name explains what you are in for on this day trip. The vivid blue water of this lagoon is hard to believe.

This drive is a little longer however you will experience so much of the Efate landscape on the approximately 40 minutes’ trip to this beautiful lagoon. Changing rooms are available so bring your bathers/swimmers and experience the crystal clear waters.

For those a bit more adventurous, kids and kids at heart there are rope swings on huge trees along the edges of the lagoon. Blue Lagoon offers something for everyone. It is a great trip as part of a loop around the island or pack a picnic and make an afternoon of it. Many companies provide half days tours for around 5300 vatu. However it is a straightforward drive and better value to go it alone - have as much time as you want and do what you want! Entrance fee only 200 vatu.

Eton Blue Hole

This trip could also be part of your drive around the island – the Efate loop. Eton Blue hole is on the east coast. It is a lovely garden with picnic tables, toilets and change rooms. Make your way down to the blue waters for swimming and canoeing. Two kilometres along the coast is Eton Beach, famous for its oh so white beach and gurgling river (also with picnic and change facilities). Entrance fee 300 vatu.

Hideaway Island Resort

From Pacifique Vue, this island is a short drive (15 minutes) towards Port Vila. Situated on the edge of a marine sanctuary Hideaway is a haven for snorkellers and scuba divers. This day trip is a highlight of the Vanuatu experience. A short ferry ride from the mainland (Mele beach) sees you land on the beautiful resort island that is Hideaway.

Make use of the many sun chairs dotted along the beach before either heading for a snorkel/scuba or for a delicious lunch/snack from the restaurant. The reefs available are many and within easy reach for swimmers of all abilities. From a few metres from the shore to those a little further out you will have a wide range of fish swim past your face and within arm’s reach.

Swim out towards the pontoons and visit the world’s only underwater post office, even send a post card! Rent a canoe and go for a paddle. Once you have finished sunbathing, swimming, walking, snorkelling and relaxing, head home via the ferry and visit the Beach Bar and grill on the mainland. The bar overlooks Hideaway Island and offers delicious food and refreshing drinks.

The visitors’ island entrance fee of 1000 vatu which is very reasonable for such a great experience.

Port Vila Market

Don’t forget to visit the wonderful market in the centre of Port Vila. Take the camera for some great colourful shots.

Stock up on seasonal local produce including bananas, watermelon, coconuts, mangoes, beans, bok choy and tomatoes.

For a shellfish feast, you can also purchase live crabs at the market. Try the delicious coconut crab. You will see that they have very strong claws which they use to cut holes in coconuts and eat the contents.

If you feel like a quick lunch local ladies prepare fish snacks at small market stalls. Nuts are also a great treat and you will find them conveniently presented strung on a string or reed. Local nuts include the nangae nut.

Flowers in Vanuatu are beautiful. The tropical climate produces stunning colours, and varieties include orchids and frangipani. Pacifique Vue's garden features plenty of flowers and you will also enjoy the choice at the market.

The clothing market is about 100 metres from the produce market - near the waterfront and through the carpark behind the ANZ Bank.