Follow Manali's sailing adventure
Follow Manali across the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Pacific

Cold in the Ionian Sea
Manali is south east of the Greek islands of Strofades in the Ionian Sea.

North to Kefalonia via the Calypso Deep
Where is Manali?

Beating into the wind north of Crete
A couple of long days and very long nights sailing west into a strengthening north west wind.

Manali approaching Heraklion in Crete en route to Port Vila in Vanuatu
Manali and the boys are about 13 nautical miles north east of Heraklion

Tracking Manali on AIS
Where is Manali, where is she heading and why is she heading that way?

Manali is afloat and we are nearing departure
We have the PC working, the boat is in the water and most of the jobs are done.

Almost ready to go
Manali was lowered into the water about 4pm on Thursday

Manali is heading for Pacifique Vue
Manali will leave Marmaris in Turkey on 12 April 2013. She is heading west to Spain with Peter, Alastair, John and Stuart on board.

Really truly happening
The trip aboard Manali from Turkey to Vanuatu and Australia has finally reached the fair dinkum stage

Winter in Marmaris Turkey with Manali
Winterising and getting to know the boat Manali in southern Turkey

Scuba Diving
Great opportunity to scuba dive during your stay at Pacifique Vue.